Pharma Logistics Provider

Pharma Logistics Provider
Shine Express is a globally renowned service provider for pharmaceutical and healthcare pharma logistics. We specialize in providing a unique pharmaceuticals logistics solutions for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products. Innovative packaging methods such as Thermo Pack are used for storing chilled samples that requires a sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° C for period of upto 96 hours. We have also developed cold solution for products to be stored above 0°C even at the ambient temperature of -40 °C, for at least 20 hours.

Packing of the product is done according to the specific healthcare procedures; labelling with carrier specific barcode labels; consolidation of orders per carrier. Different types of packaging material used including pallets, full box and piece picking or a combination. All the stored consignments are temperature monitored and controlled. There are separate compartment for different types of pharmaceutical consignments. All the activities such as labelling, filling, display, etc. is done following the strict guidelines of the regulatory bodies.

We provide comprehensive pharmaceuticals logistic solutions from protocol design to study completion. The cost-effectiveness of a worldwide network with the personal touch creates a win-win situation for our clients.

Pharmaceuticals Logistics
Shine Express is a transport and logistic company that specializes in pharmaceutical shipments and clinical trials. The well trained staff at the company have the expertise of handling temperature sensitive products. They work in close coordination with the clients determine suitable mode for transport and packaging requirements.

All the consignments are packed according to the specific healthcare procedures; labelling with carrier specific barcode labels and consolidation of orders per carrier are all part of the standard process. Our professional make use of innovative packaging methods such as Thermo Packaging. This type of packaging is used for the transport of chilled samples, specially those requiring a sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° C.

Other packaging options include Cold Solution. It is ideal for packaging products that need to be stored at temperature above 0°c for at least 20 hours, even at the ambient temperature of -40°c.

Labelling, kitting, filling display are done following strict"Good Distribution Practice" (GDP) and "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP). The employees are trained to perform these specific tasks under supervision of our pharmacists. All the consignment are moved in a temperature control environment with utmost care.

Medical science Logistics
Shine Express provides a full range of standard and life science logistics services scalable to the changing needs of small to mid-size manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and med-surge fields. We are experts in health care supply chain operations, as well as quality, regulatory, and transportation management fields.

Our company offers Medical science Logistics services that includes innovative solutions for packaging and transporting temperature sensitive products. Special Thermo Packs are used for products that require sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° C. Cold solutions enable us to store product at temperature above 0 ° C, even at ambient temprature of 40 ° C. We have a strict security procedures and installations in place for entrance and exit control and for temperature control. In addition, there are alarm systems and contingency plans in place.

We partner with our clients to optimize efficiency in inventory management and distribution while decreasing operational costs. All the consignments are stored in a temperature controlled environment and delivered right at the customer's desired destination.

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Frozen Food/Medicine Carrier
We are an international freight carrier supplying frozen foods & medicines to the different corners of the world. With complete facilities to transfer goods at the optimum temperature and conditions, we assure timely and safe delivery.

Cool Chain Operator
We offer effective logistic solutions for products that need controlled temperature conditions. We use latest technologies for better results and offer customized packaging as per the requirement of the particular product.

Temperature Control Warehouse
With vast experience in this field we offer temperature controlled warehousing services that suit the requirement of every product. Sophisticated technologies and hygienically maintained warehouses ensure longer shelf life of the products.